A Remarkable History and Legacy: Dr. Weitzman and Liberty Falls Veterinary Clinic

It was back in 1968 when Dr. Richard Weitzman, a new graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine, opened his first veterinary medicine practice out of the garage of his home in Potomac, Maryland. Since his childhood he had always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian — the kind driven by a passion for pets and their owners, not money or status.

mailboxFrom humble beginnings, the new veterinarian set up his clinic to care for small animals and quickly he earned a reputation for going above and beyond for all his clients. No matter the hour, he always made himself accessible to pets whenever and wherever care was required. Through this superior dedication and service he earned the affectionate label as the “old country vet” in Montgomery County — a label he has proudly embraced as it conveys the spirit and dedication of his practice.

As word about his practice spread, it did not take long for his loyal patient list to grow. To better accommodate his practice, in 1979 Dr. Weitzman relocated his clinic to its present location at the corner of Falls Road and Liberty Lane in Potomac, Maryland.

Over the years Dr. Weitzman has provided medical care to thousands of pets from near and far. While the core of his practice has served those residing in the Potomac, Rockville and Bethesda areas of Montgomery County, it has not been uncommon for people to travel from a greater distance to seek his advice. When you visit the practice today, you will likely run across clients and families who have been loyal patrons for more than 30 or 40 years — a true testament to the quality of care given by this beloved and respected vet.

Devoted husband, father and grandfather, Dr. Weitzman has worked hard to maintain a balance between work and family. In an effort to provide superior emergency medical care to area pets and still afford himself family time, several years ago he spearheaded the effort that established Montgomery County’s first emergency animal hospital — a then much-needed resource for veterinarians throughout the metro area.

Dr. Weitzman has significantly contributed to the betterment of not just his pets but also his profession. He was responsible for the creation of the DC Academy, a leading organization for veterinary medicine continuing education. He was also instrumental in bringing the first veterinary specialists to Montgomery County, Maryland. Giving back to his profession, he has trained many students and externs who have since gone on to become veterinarians themselves. In all his endeavors, he has remained a well-respected practitioner, industry leader and veterinary services innovator dedicated to quality, accessible veterinary care for the benefit of both his community and profession.

Dr. Geldon and Dr. WeitzmanSeveral decades have passed since Dr. Weitzman’s practice began, and still his work continues with the same passion and dedication. Envisioning the future of his practice, Dr. Weitzman decided it was time to add a new face to his clinic. And so in 2012 he set out to find a veterinarian to practice with and ultimately assign custodianship to his much beloved practice. It did not take long before he crossed paths with Dr. Elise Geldon, a remarkable and bright veterinarian who was then seeking to establish her own veterinary practice. After a number of conversations, it became clear that the two were a well-suited match, with similar philosophies and passions regarding the practice of veterinary medicine. It happens that they also hailed from the very same school of veterinary medicine! A 2007 graduate of the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, native Potomac resident and compassionate veterinarian, Dr. Geldon was clearly an ideal fit for his practice. And so it was in February 2013 that Dr. Geldon joined the practice and later that same year purchased the clinic from Dr. Weitzman.

To better reflect their veterinary team, Dr. Weitzman and Dr. Geldon decided to give the practice a new name, Liberty Falls Veterinary Clinic — a name under which they now continue to work together. Even though the practice has a new name, the mission still remains the same. Liberty Falls Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to providing truly compassionate veterinary care and delivering the best service to every pet patient and family served.

For more information about Liberty Falls Vet Clinic or to schedule an appointment, call (301) 762-2070.