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Got a New Pet?

Are you adding a furry new member to your family? If so, congratulations! Adopting a new puppy or kitten is an exciting time and promises many happy years of companionship and love. Of course, if you want your new pet to live a long and happy life, you have to take care of its medical needs. Just like people, pets need regular visits to their doctor.

Five things to consider when adopting a new pet:

Take Your Pet to the Veterinarian As Soon As Possible

cat drinkingStart your pet off on the right paw! Always take your new puppy or kitten to the vet right away, even if it seems perfectly happy and energetic. Our veterinarians will be able to assess the state of your pet’s health, provide important advice, and have an opportunity to detect underlying medical issues that could be life-threatening if not properly diagnosed and treated. Your new pet may also be carrying a disease or parasite that could be transferred to you or a member of your family if not properly treated.

Your pet’s first check-up allows us an opportunity to properly introduce ourselves, get to know your pet and provide proper guidance regarding the care of your newest family member. We take a patient-centric approach with our practice, and we like to form long-term relationships with our clients. So don’t delay your pet’s first visit. It is an essential first step to the care and keeping of your new companion.

Don’t Assume Your Pet is Perfectly Healthy

Even if you think your new pet has already had all its required shots and has the appearance of good health, it does not mean your pet does not need an exam by a professional veterinarian. Young or old, the first days in a new home are an important time in your pet’s life, and it is very common that newly adopted pets require special medical attention. Don’t risk your pet’s or your family’s health by failing to come in for a proper examination.

As an added bonus, the first few trips to the vet are great opportunities to ask the veterinarian any questions you may have related to feeding, routines, potty training, obedience, and proper introductions to other pets and family members. And a positive visit when the pet does not receive any vaccines is never a bad thing!

Whenever possible, it is a good idea to call or visit to our clinic before committing to any pet adoption. Our vets can help select the best companion for your family by providing advice on breeds, sharing tips to help you choose a pet, and assessing the health and disposition of a potential pet.

Consider Spaying and Neutering

Spaying or neutering is an excellent option for most pet owners. It will prevent unexpected pregnancies and provide peace of mind when socializing your pet with others. It can also prevent your pet from developing certain diseases and health conditions later in life.

There are many things to consider when determining the best time to spay or neuter a cat or dog, including the breed. Talk to the veterinarians at Liberty Falls Veterinary Clinic about the benefits and options for spaying or neutering your pet.

Don’t Let Parasites Make Your Pet (or Your Family) Sick

Animals can carry intestinal parasites that can be transmitted to people, especially young children who tend to put anything in their mouths. It is very common for puppies and kittens to get intestinal worms when they are young, often from their mothers and litter mates. Be prepared to discuss parasite control during your pet’s first examination. In order to diagnose any issues early, it is helpful to bring a stool sample from your pet to its first doctor’s appointment.

The veterinarians at Liberty Falls Veterinary Clinic can help you choose the right parasite control product to prevent infestations based on where you live and your pet’s lifestyle.

Consider Investing in Pet Insurance

Accidents happen. Even though you will be an excellent pet owner, your new pet can still experience an unexpected situation that requires emergency medical attention. Ask our vets about pet insurance options that can save you a significant amount of money in medical bills.

By signing up for insurance soon after bringing your new pet home, you’ll be afforded the best possible insurance options, including eliminating the possibility of your pet being labeled with pre-existing conditions.

TrupanionAt Liberty Falls Veterinary Clinic, we work with Trupanion and several other pet insurance companies. Ask the staff at Liberty Falls for a month-long free trial of Trupanion insurance for your new pet (and eliminate the waiting period!).

If you have just welcomed a pet into your life, call your new friends at Liberty Falls Veterinary Clinic to schedule your first visits – (301) 762-2070. We are here when you need us and ready to help you ensure a healthy, happy start to your life together.